What is EIRA

Welcome to EIRA, a specialized on-line publication, originally launched in May 2013 as a digital edition emailed to a wide audience of readers. Now evolved into a larger format, EIRA as a website will continue to provide an in-sight and down-to-earth analysis of risks facing oil, gas and energy industry on the whole.

We see it as our mission to digest and clarify the geopolitical developments, in all their complexity and inconsistency, which are having an impact on the workings of the energy business community.

EIRA intends to keep a special focus on energy markets in South East Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and adjacent regions.

May we introduce you to reviews of our international analytical team, as well as opinions and forecasts by various authors with expert knowledge and understanding of the existing and future challenges to the energy world now in the grips of changes.

EIRA is committed to making its news and views flow responsible, reliable and indispensable for your personal evaluations and a clear-cut vision of the emerging new realities which are reshaping the energy markets consumed with apprehension over peak oil, peak gas, price discrepancies, cargo sea lanes vulnerability, etc.

We believe there is true value in timely awareness of regional risks, threats, and opportunities. Preemptive assessment of unfolding and often inconspicuous trends may facilitate decision-making at a time when volatility supplanted routine.

EIRA team is keen to make the geopolitics of energy our forte.

The project coordinates Mr. George Hatziioannou, who served as Press Counsellor for 30 years at the Greek Embassies in London, Moscow, Prague and the UN Greek Diplomatic Mission in New York.


If you are interested in sponsoring our efforts or want to have access to our past issues please contact us for your username and password.